Match Your iDevice to the Right Jailbreak Tool!

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Ready to jailbreak your ‘magical’ iDevice, but not sure what software is for you?

Well, have no fear Jalibreak Matrix is here!

Jailbreak Matrix is pretty simple, it is a big chart of all the iDevices and lists the various versions as well as the different firmware, baseband, and boot loaders that run on each.

You check what you've got against the chart and it will tell you if your device/firmware combination is jailbreakable, what tools you need, what version of iTunes your jailbreak has been tested with, and a step-by-step guide on how to apply the jailbreak.

Check out the full chart HERE: Jailbreak Matrix

It’s pretty cool. though we are a but out of luck as we’ve kept our own iDevices pretty much updated; waiting on the next round of jailbreaks to drop!


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