Microsoft’s Ballmer Says Company Working on iPad Rival

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Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's outspoken CEO, said today that the company is working on Windows-based tablets, reports CNET. This, during a briefing to financial analysts.

According to Ballmer, these tablets are set to ship, "as soon as they are ready," and the hardware will come from some of the company's partners, rather than Microsoft. Which is in-line with their computer philosophy: design the software, let them make the hardware. His goal, he says, is to make a product that "people want to buy."

According to Ballmer, they are working hard to make the Windows tablet happen, he called it "Job One urgency," and added that no one "is sleeping at the switch."

The tablets will likely run on a streamlined version of Windows 7, as he said, "We're tuning Windows 7."

Ballmer expects some of these tablets to show up sometime this year.

[via CNET]

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