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Where Will it Go From Here?

The New York Times is reporting that Apple may is planning a re-launch of Apple TV. Some of you may remember a while back when there were reports of an Apple TV redesign with a device that looks like an "iPhone without a screen." As opposed to the previous design, which was more similar to the older-gen Mac Mini.

The current Apple TV didn't quite have the impact Apple may have hoped. It's a fun product, but loses some of its appeal when compared to services such as Netflix Streaming, or the possibility of simply using a Mac Mini as a media hub connected to a television set.

If the reports are true, Apple has not given up on their search for a great living room accessory. Sources close to Apple have told the Times that the company is indeed working on an updated version of Apple TV, and "will offer a completely redesigned interface for it."

It's also said that "it was not clear" whether Apple would create a whole new product as well as update the software, but the report does say that "Apple might base a new television design on its iOS operating system, which is on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch." 

Other bits of information that the Times has picked up are that Apple recently hired several UI and graphic designers with backgrounds in broadcast design for TV, that the new device is being created by a whole new design team, rather than the previous Apple TV team, which may indicate a whole new type of product.

As the Times points out, if this product does run on iOS4, it means that the device would services from the App store such as Netflix, the ABC App and Hulu's new service.

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