Mossberg: Despite Problems, iPhone 4’s Voice Calls Still Beat 3G’s

Wall Street Journal tech curmudgeon Walt Mossberg — one of the few reporters unafraid to get in Steve Job's face (seen here at the iPad launch, and here grilling Uncle Steve at this year's D8) — has finally weighed in on the iPhone 4.  Watch the video above to get the whole poop.  Mossberg's conclusions:

"So that's my six-week, real-world report. Despite the hot-spot issue and the exposed antenna, the iPhone 4 does better than the 3GS for me in decent coverage. But I still wouldn't advise adopting it as your primary phone if you live, work or travel in areas with poor AT&T reception, or if you prefer a network under less stress."

Interesting that Mossberg needed a month 'n' a half to reach the same conclusion that thousands of users and/or bloggers reached within two weeks…