Music From Cloud 9: iTunes Users Want Stream-From-Anywhere Access

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Millions of iTunes customers have their heads in the clouds — and want their music libraries up there as well.

That's the conclusion of research firm NPD, who recently polled nearly 4,000 iTunes users over the age of 13.  They found that 25% of those polled were interested in the ability to stream their iTunes library wherever they were.  Extrapolated to the real world, that's 13-15 million customers in the US alone.  Out of that number, approximately 7 to 8 million would be willing to pay in the neighberhood of US$10.00/month for the privilege.

By NPD's estimations, cloud-based iTunes access would put a cool BEEEELLION dollars in Apple's coffers the first year alone — a number that would rise as more and more users begin to grok the (pardon the pun) ethereal concept of "the cloud."

(In a related story, AT&T's already-overtaxed data network was reported to have clenched its knees together and whimper "No mas, no mas…")

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