Overview: HoverCoat iPad Case

The HoverCoat iPad case now available for pre-order. It looks awesome; the only question is, 'Is it bullet proof?'

Sleek and stylish, it easily snaps onto the back of the iPad. Unfortunately it's missing a kick-stand, which would make it PURE awesome, instead of merely awesome. We do like to be able to prop our iPad up and type like we have a desk.

the specs:

Made out of 100% real carbon fiber

Inside of the case is a clearcoated glossy carbon fiber

Extremely thin and light

Snaps onto the back of your Apple iPad

Mystery black weighs just 44 grams while the midnight black weighs just 52 grams

Note: The gloss on the midnight black case is like a car clearcoat, and is prone to fine scratches.  Just like a car, you can help to reduce these by waxing the case.

I'd love one made of Kevlar, just saying.

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