PCMag Test: iPhone 4’s Screen is Best

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PCMag put four smart phones through a series of trials to see which is equipped with the best display. The phones tested were the iPhone 4, the Droid X, the Droid Incredible and the EVO. The series of tests included the screen's brightness, the contrast, the color depth and the color accuracy. The iPhone ended up winning with the best display over all, according to the report. It's said that the Droid X was a close second. The downside? The iPhone 4's color accuracy is by far the lowest of the bunch.

The most interesting part is that these tests weren't just eyeballed, they had the help of a man by the name of Dr. Raymond Soneira, and his DisplayMate technology. Meaning that these are actually lab tests being conducted.

In the end, these are all numbers linked to some fancy machines. Chances are that most of us can't tell the difference during everyday use.

Read the full study here: PCMag

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