Qualcomm’s Augmented Reality Tech Goes Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em

Qualcomm recently announced their plans to release a free vision-based augmented reality (AR) platform to mobile developers. This would mean that the technology would become easily available to developers. Before, the tech was limited to developers with big budgets and resources. Thus far they have only confirmed support for Android, so no iOS support yet.

The vision-based augmented reality demo in the above video shows a short demo of a card with a Rock  ‚ÄòEm Sock ‚ÄôEm Robots 3D model by Mattel. Let‚Äôs hope that the tech also makes its way to the iOS platform, but we aren‚Äôt expecting that for a while, if at all.

See, MobileCrunch’s explanation leaves us a bit (but just a bit) doubtful of seeing it an iPhone. They say that the tech requires “beefier” processors, such as the Snapdragon, which happens to be built by Qualcomm and used in some Android devices. What does that mean? Make augmented reality applications a must-have, and help push the sale of those higher-powered processors manufactured by Qualcomm. Now that free tech doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Of course they may not be royalty to collect from iPhone sales, so the incentive is no longer there.

via MobileCrunch

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