Rip Me a New One: Life Hacker Creates iPhone 4 and iPad Handbrake Presets

Life Hacker has come in again and proved that challenging the corporate control that comes with many mobile devices is the most fundamental way to democratize them.  Apple has always had a stranglehold on what type of formats will be supported by the iPhone, iPod Touch, early iPod video versions, and the iPad.  This can in no way be separated from their iTunes business where they sell ridiculously priced digital copies of films and television shows.  Instead of having the free reign to get videos on there in the same way you can with music you usually have to fight to even get a copy of these films onto your device.  With music CDs you can easily "rip" them to your computer in iTunes, add them to your regular library as MP3s or other audio file types, and then include them on your iPhone for listening.  Without this easy and accessible format the iPod would not have taken off in the first place, setting the tone for the whole new wave of device development and Apple market dominance.  With DVDs and Blu-ray, on the other hand, you are heavily restricted with what you can rip and then put onto your iDevice.  With Handbrake you can begin to bypass this entirely and finally get the freedom of use with your discs that you should have had from the start.

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Handbrake will usually rip these digital video discs into video files that can be used in different ways.  These are based off of file presets that are decided upon according to the type of device, platform, or use you will have for them.  This is very similar to the way that Apple's own Compressor works for selecting the proper codec for the video files you are compressing.  Life Hacker has now developed presets for Handbrake that will allow you to rip specifically for your iPhone 4 and iPad, which may be one of the most important developments for these up and comers.   Read full article here.

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