Rogers On Canadian iPhone Launch: “Save Some Money, Eh?”

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Back in the late 60's, Americans moved to Canada to evade the draft.  Now, they may start moving there to get better deals on iPhones…

Tomorrow, Canadians finally get a shot at owning an iPhone 4 — and Rogers, one of three (!) iPhone-ready carriers in the Great White North, has released details of what they'll be offering bandwidth-hungry customers.  For starters, a 16GB i4 will only cost C$159.00 (albeit with a three-year contract); the 32 GB model will set them back C$269.00.  (Unlocked phones are C$649.00 and C$749.00, respectively.)

Even better, Rogers' data plan offers a whopping 6 GB/month for only C$30.00 — and for an extra C$20.00/month, you can can split those six gigs between your iPhone and your iPad 3G.

These prices are good for both new and upgrading customers.

[Via Mobile Syrup and Rogers RedBoard]