Silent Recall on the iPhone 4? Could be.

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Gizmodo is reporting that several of their readers have tipped them to what may be a silent recall on the iPhone 4.

Some of the readers are telling the tech blog that they have exchanged their iPhones and have since been unable to replicate the now famous antenna problem. Still, some readers say that their problems continue, even with the exchanges.

Could this be what tomorrow's press conference, which is confirmed to be iPhone 4-related, is about? (Shameless Self-Promotion: You can catch the liveblog of the event here at iSmashPhone)

The following portion of this entry comes directly from Gizmodo:

Dr. Jurg Sommerauer, from Santa Paula, California, seems to have done some more rigorous testing. He confirmed that he cannot longer reproduce the problem after a replacement. He says that he tested it repeatedly before getting the new handset:

I have replaced my phone because of freezing issues yesterday and my new iPhone 4 is by far less sensitive than the previous one with respect to antenna issues. I made extensive signal tests with and without the death grip and can not see any different 3G signal (inside a metal construction hangar) in Santa Paula, CA. Please see one screen shot representing an average of upload/download speed. I did about 20 measurements within 10 minutes. The speed span was between 0.6 Mbps and 2.1 Mbps. I could not see a meaningful difference between applying the death grip and without.

Reader Matt Smithers, from Jacksonville, Florida, had this to say:

I received my first iPhone 4 on June 23, like many that preordered for delivery. I immediately tested it for the signal drop issue when cupped in the lower left corner with the same results as most: a quick drop to 1 or 2 bars. I dropped it 2 days after I activated it (July 8). Apple replaced it the next day on July 9,, and I received the same hardware as the first phone. I have not been able to duplicate the signal drop issue however, by cupping it, while sitting in the same spot as before. Overall though, the phone's reception kinda sucks. When I'm in a spot with marginal signal, the phone shows 1 or maybe 2 bars. There's not much in between. Full or 1 bar.

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