iPhone Music Apps to Love and Install

The iPhone, and many phones like it, make for great audio players. In fact, we have friends who carry around their old iPhones without SIMs to act as an extra iPod Touch. It works well.

Most of us use the built-in iPod function as our music player on the go. However, there are a handful of other useful Apps for listening to great music. Here are some of our favorites.

1) Pandora

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No doubt about it, Pandora radio is one of our top picks for listening to music on the iPhone. There's a reason that this App is as popular as it is. There is always something to listen to on Pandora. Type in an artist or genre and you will find something that caters to your musical tastes. Another plus is that you can skip songs. If you choose to download only one App of its kind, Pandora is probably the best bet.

2) AOL Radio

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AOL Radio is a fun App. Everything is divided into genres such as Industrial, '90s Hip-Hop and New Age. There are commercials from time to time, but  the App and it's music are free. It's a great App.

3) iHeart Radio

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iHeart Radio isn't a personal favorite of mine, but my gal loves it. She enjoys listening to radio, and that's exactly what this App is. It grabs streams from over 750 radio stations, which is great for travel when you want to listen to a favorite station from your hometown but are out of range. 

4) YouTube

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Yes YouTube is included in this list. Why? Because it actually makes a pretty cool music player when you just have to hear that one song that popped into your head. It's definitely not the most convenient, nor is it the fastest. Ninety percent of the time, you will find the song you felt like listening to. The downside is that you can't put the iPhone in standby while the video is playing, or it will stop playback. You don't necessarily have to watch the video, either. Just search a song you were itching to hear and stream it. The problem with streaming radio is that you don't always get the song you want, this is a quick (and free) solution.

5) Slacker Radio

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This App feels a lot like Pandora in the the user can choose genres and bands to find stations based on those picks. For us it didn't feel quite as slick as Pandora. The interface was noticeably slower on an old-ass iPhone 3G. Still, a decent alternative if you are for any some opposed to Pandora radio.

Keeping an eye on: RDIO:

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 Unfortunately, we can't use this one yet. It tells us to sign up on www.rdio.com to receive an invite.  Signing up gave us the following email message: 

Hi there,

Thanks for being interested in what we're up to. We've got your email

on file now, and we'll let you know the minute we're ready to show


Until then,

Everybody at Rdio

According to the Rdio App Store page, some users are already able to use it. The features sound great. It's described as a "social music service" and allows users to follow others with the same musical taste, thus making it possible to find new artists. The App description says that over 5 million songs are available, and users can search and listen to any song they like at any time they choose, among other things.

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