Stuck On You: Antenn-aid for iPhone 4

When you get right down to it, Apple's offer of a free iPhone 4 bumper case to combat the "death grip" issue is just putting a Band-Aid on a bigger problem.  So why not use a "real" Band-Aid — or in this case, an "Antenn-aid"?  For US$4.99, you get an assortment of six colorful vinyl stickers to cover that crucial gap in the antenna bezel — as well as a visual message that you're "sticking it" to the House of Jobs for sticking YOU with this tech boondoggle.  (But wait!  For no additional charge, you also get an official disclaimer: "It may improve signal performance…Antenn-aid is for entertainment purposes only, results may vary."  Truth in advertising — what a concept!)

via technabob]