Symbian-Guru Throws in The Towel, Says Nokia Needs to “Wake the Hell Up”

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Symbian-Guru was a website that covered Nokia phones for a long time. However, the site-owner/writer has decided to call it quits. A self-described “Nokia fanboy since 1999,” he purchased his first Symbian-powered smartphone back in 2004. Things are changing for him, he has decided to purchase an Android phone, the Nexus One.

Why the change? He says that Nokia is losing “hard.” He also explains that he “can‚Äôt continue to support a manufacturer who puts out such craptastic ‚Äòflagships‚Äô as the N97.” It’s a bit depressing to see someone lose faith in a brand they supported so strongly, but it just goes to show that Nokia has been sitting back while other smartphone makers’ products continue to evolve.

Our guess is that while the other companies are working on their designs, Nokia is sitting around poking fun at their competition.


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