Techno Dream Coat: Is Sprint Prepping A Wi-Fi Case For The iTouch?

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Yesterday, we told you about the intriguing (but suspect) "Apple Peel 520," a case/battery/SIM-card holder that claimed to turn your iPod Touch into a working iPhone.

Proving that great minds travel the same Information SuperDriveways, today comes word that Sprint has filed with the FCC for its own "Peel" case.  This one, from ZTE, appears to be a battery-packing EV-DO device designed to hold a small tablet (perhaps an iTouch?) and also serve as an EVO-like Wi-Fi hotspot over a 3G network (which, while slower, is still more prevalent than Sprint's — or anyone else's — 4G network).

Fascinating that a major cell carrier is now venturing into territory originally staked out by hackers/crackers/do-it-yourself'ers…

[Via Wired Gadget Lab ]