The True Reason You Have to Pay by the Issue With iPad Magazines

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Many who have searched the App Store for magazines notice a disturbing trend, you must pay by the issue. For example, a single digital copy of TIME will run you $4.99, about the same you'd pay at the newsstand.

Many of us have criticized Time Inc. for the outrageous pricing, but it seems that there may be much more going on behind-the-scenes than we originally believed. The magazine's publisher had planned on making the iPad edition available as a subscription, but it's said that Apple didn't approve it.

Supposedly, TIME has tried everything short of pulling their App from the store to get Apple to give them some leeway, but the company hasn't budged.

The bottom line is that Apple does not seem to want to give magazine publishers control of their iPad subscriptions, and they may make some enemies in the process.

My take? Just put out a downloadable online edition (like a PDF) and let users download it, because iBooks makes a great PDF reader.

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