The Ultimate Hack? Turn Your iTouch Into An iPhone

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That's what China's Yosion Technology is promising with their "Apple Peel [Skin] 520."  It's an iPod Touch case that includes an Infineon baseband chip, extra 800 mAH battery, and slot for a SIM card.  Drop your SIM, microphone-enabled ear buds, and (jailbroken?) iTouch in, and bye-bye VOIP getovers! 

Allegedly.  Aside from a demo video, there's not a lotta evidence this hack exists outside of a one-off prototype, yet Yosion is promising availability in as little as a week for ¬•300-500 (US$44-74).  Until that actually happens, take this 'un with a pinch of powdered ginger…

[Via Engadget]