Tropical Heat Wave: Apple Accused Of Overheating Devices On Two Fronts

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Is it hot in here, or is it just an iDevice?

On July 23rd, a class-action complaint (Baltazar vs. Apple Inc.) was filed in Oakland, CA federal court alledging that the iPad "overheats under common weather conditions." Specifically mentioned was outdoor use in direct sunlight, which supposedly causes the tablet to switch off after only a few minutes of use.  The complaint asks for unspecified damages; Apple legal eagles had no immediate comment.  [Via Bloomberg]

Meanwhile, in the Land of the Rising Temperature…er, Sun, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is coming down hard on "the Pagoda of Jobs" to explain why first-generation iPod Nano's are overheating — including one instance earlier this month when a Tokyo user's iPod starting shooting sparks while recharging.  The Consumer Affairs Agency (which categorized said spark-show as a "fire-related incident") claims to have logged 6 cases of recharging-related flameouts, four of which resulted in minor burns, and a total of 27 overheating-related incidents.  Apple faces a ¬•300,000 fine if it doesn't respond to the agency's request by August 4.  [Via the Wall Street Journal]