Unconsumable: Consumer Reports Yanks Its iPhone 4 Recommendation

It's the Ralph Nader equivalent of Milli Vanilli getting their Grammies taken away.

Product testing organization Consumer Reports — after initially downplaying the iPhone 4's antenna-bezel "Death Grip" reception problems — have done a brisk about-face and yanked their initial recommendation of the handset.

Confirming what users and tech bloggers (including — ahem — iSmashPhone.com) have been saying since Day One, CR performed their own reception tests in the controlled environment of their radio frequency (RF) isolation chamber.   Using both an iPhone 3GS and a Palm Pre as controls, they confirmed that the i4 suffered handling-based signal-strength loss and dropped connections, whereas the 3GS and Pre did not.  They also officially shot down Apple's "oh, the signal-strength-calculating algorithm we've been using is wrong" excuse.  On the plus side, they admitted that the i4's improved display and battery life, front-facing camera and gyroscope contributed to their original recommendation.

Ironically, CR's short-term solutions to the problem are (a) continue to use your 3GS, (b) buy a case, or (c) cover the antenna gap with a piece of duct tape:

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Duct tape?  REALLY, ConsReps?  Sticky tape residue all over your shiny new US$200.00 smart phone?  Frankly, we like OUR solution better :-). 

This is a big foresight on the part of Consumer Reports, kinda late to the game removing recommended status for iPhone 4.  

Who is gonna write consumer report on Consumer Reports?

[Via Consumer Reports]

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