You’re Right, We’re Wrong, They’re Screwed: AppleCare’s Mea Culpa Gets A Chilly Reception

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Confirming what everyone and his mother already knew, AppleCare is finally admitting that the upcoming software fix that corrects how the iPhone 4 displays signal strength will do nothing to fix the antenna problem.

("What antenna problem?"  Where have you been, Mars?  See Antenna-donitis: How Apple Tech Reps Are
Supposed To Troubleshoot The i4's Reception Glitch
.  Or Crashing The Reception: The iPhone 4's Antenna
Woes Continue
.  Or Hey, Apple, Test THIS Tube! A Fix For That
iPhone 4 Reception Problem
.  Or Someone Saw the iPhone 4 Reception Problem Long
Before it Became a Problem
.  Jeez, do we have to do ALL the heavy lifting around here?)

All kidding aside, calls to AppleCare to report diminished signal strength and/or dropped calls will get you (a) an admission that holding the phone the wrong way WILL interfere with the antenna bezel, (b) a suggestion not to hold it that way, and (c) an additional suggestion to shell out US$30.00 for the official iPhone 4 bumper to eliminate the problem.

iSmashPhone has already made it clear that, as much as we like what's good about our new i4, what's bad about it is enough to prevent us from recommending our friends and family to buy one.  And it's disgraceful that the House of Jobs' solution is to tell us to hold the phone in a way that almost guarantees we'll drop it (and hey, how about that whole Gorilla Glass fail, huh?), or shell out extra money for a case that many of you might not even want, just to solve THEIR design flaw.

(Gizmodo is hosting an online petition to force Apple to give free bumpers to iPhone 4 owners.  We encourage you to sign it.  Hey, if 50,000 E-signatures could convince ATTACK OF THE SHOW's Olivia Munn to jump into a giant pie in a French maid's costume, don't you think a few million sigs from pissed-off i4 owners might get Uncle Steve to cough up for a coupla dollar's worth of silicon plastic?)

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