100 Million iPhone Facebook Users May Make It the New Standard

The newest success story may be a testament either to Facebook's overall dominance, or the ability of the iPhone to perpetuate social networking far beyond the models that people first understood.  It has been recently announced that Facebook has reach over 100 million monthly users on the iPhone alone.  This is the kind of numbers that no one anticipated Facebook would reach on the iPhone, or really any social networking service currently running.  Though the iPhone remains one of the most popular smart phones on the market its price and AT&T contract exclusivity has relegated it to a perpetual niche market.  For a 100 million Facebook users to connect through the Facebook app there this is a testament both to the consistent power of both Facebook and the iPhone.

Or maybe just Facebook.

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For those who have watched the iPhone market closely will note that there are just over a 100 million iPhone users available.  When those numbers are placed together it becomes obvious that almost every single iPhone user is utilizing Facebook through the free iPhone application that has been released.  This may be the most profound statement about the unity of the iPhone, or smart phones in general, and social networking services that have changed the very shape of distance communication.  Facebook and other social networking websites have made themselves a permanent home on the iPhone's touch screen and through things like perpetual internet connection and "push notifications" have gave it the same direct route to your eyes as a text message.

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Facebook is only going to run with this even further, and this was seen perfectly with their Places addition to their free iPhone application.  What Places will do is to unite the attractive addiction of Facebook with one of the iPhone's most defining qualities: the location function.  With this Facebook has enough popular capital to extend itself beyond the bounds of the computer screen and into the physical world.

No other social networking service has reached the status of a social institution in the way that Facebook has, and it will not be long before Facebook is just as standard as all other basic elements of iPhone use.  We may be looking at a built in Facebook application in iOS 5.

Now that will be quite a status update.

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