Analyst Report: New Apple TV on the Way, App Store Access, ARM Processor

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Analyst Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. today issued a note to investors in which he said sources have informed him that some of the most major changes coming to the next model of Apple TV is a jump to an ARM-based processor similar to what is found in the iPad and the iPhone 4 (Both carry an A4 chip).

He also notes that it will run a version of iOS, much like the iPad and the iPhone. This is just like the rumors we’ve been hearing these past few months. As before, he reaffirms the rumor that the new device will be called iTV and have access to the App Store.

However, there is said to be internal debate at Apple as to whether to make all App Store Apps available or keep iTV limited to Apple TV sort of content. It seems strange that this debate would be going on, because unless the TV has a touch panel, and accelerometer, or both, it may be kind of hard to play some of these games. That is unless Apple gives us extra long cables, or allows for control over bluetooth, which definitely doesn’t sound impossible…just unlikely.

We also heard recently that Apple is said to be in talks with several networks in hopes of offering 99-cent rentals of TV shows to iTunes users. A move that would surely help them win some of the space currently controlled by services such as Netflix.

Also, have a look at this list we’ve compiled of what we know about the new Apple TV (or iTV) so far: Here.

[via Apple Insider]

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