Android Overtakes iOS in Sales, but That’s not the Whole Story

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We recently posted Nielsen reports that showed a surge in Android sales over the past quarter, while iPhones showed a slight decline.

The truth is, it's not all gloom and doom for the iPhone, despite what some may say. As we pointed out in a previous report, iOS is only available on one phone and one carrier, AT&T. Meanwhile, Android-powered phones are available across many more carriers and devices, something along the lines of 20 different phones throughout four carriers. We likened it to a new battle between Mac and PC, in which the Microsoft has a higher market share, but that's mainly because of their availability, while Mac OS is built for Apple computers.

Tech Crunch also pointed out another important fact: The charts only account for one week of iPhone 4 sales. According to Tech Crunch, that slump in sales may be due to the fact that users knew the iPhone 4 was on the way thanks to Gizmodo's scoop of a lifetime. Most probably chose to wait. Don't forget that the news was also featured on mainstream media outlets and television news channels, so word of the iPhone 4 wasn't limited to the tech community at that point. Meaning that even the more "casual" iPhone user knew that the new device had to be just months away.

While there is no doubt that Android is a very successful mobile operating system, it's also important to keep things in perspective. Though even some of us here at iSmashPhone agree that the Android will have a much higher share in the longterm, iOS will always have a market that enjoys the clean, simple UI Apple is known for.

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