Android Share of UK Market on the Rise, But How are the Other Smartphones?

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According to GfK Retail and Technology's reports, the Anrdoid OS' share of the UK mobile contract market is on the rise. Back in the first quarter of 2010, Android phones were about three percent of the market, in Q2, it has risen to 13.2 percent.

They mention that phones with "advanced operating systems" (we usually just call them smartphones) such as iOS and Android have reached about 66.7 percent in the mobile contract market, while in the first quarter they were 55 percent. GfK says that they expect the growth to continue throughout the year, and their June tallies show that smartphones now make up 73.5 pecent of the contract market.

Somehow, there is no mention of phones that run on other "advanced operating systems." Smartphones such as the iPhone and the BlackBerry are no doubt popular in the UK. While we know that Android phones hold about 13.2 percent of market share, we wonder what makes up the other 53.5 percent of the smartphone market. Such numbers would be interesting as they would not only show the popularity of the different types of smartphones, it would let us know how the UK mobile phone market compares to the US.

[via GfK]

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