App Has Suspiciously High Number of Five-Star Ratings

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It seems that a 99 cent iPhone App called A Phone Tracker Spy that does virtually nothing has some suspiciously high ratings. This is another report from Daring Fireball.

The App says it can locate any cellphone by simply dialing their number, but the description explicitly states that it's for entertainment purposes only and even describes it as a prank.

However, as Daring Fireball points out, most users don't read the descriptions. If you go to the App page and read the reviews, an overwhelming majority of them comes from angry people who bought the App and ranted about how it doesn't work as advertised.

A Phone Tracker Spy has been rated 1359 times (as of the time of this writing) carries 535 five-star ratings and 510 one-star ratings, while the rest are low by comparison. Four-star is the next closest with 246, while two- and three-rated haven't even broken 100 combined.

Most of the one-star ratings are of course from those angry buyers, and some of the more positive ratings point out that it works as advertised and calls the angry commenters "idiots." Now the question is: How are there so many more five-star ratings for an App that angers so many people than there are ones? Daring Fireball says that someone may have found an exploit.

[via Daring Fireball]

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