Apple Hires NFC Expert Benjamin Vigier

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Apple has hired Benjamin Vigier, an expert in near field communication (NFC) technology as product manager for mobile commerce.

In the past, Vigier has worked in his field for Bouygues Telecom, Sandisk and most recently, mFoundry, where he created and managed their PayPal Mobile service and a Starbucks' mobile payment service.

Interestingly, as website Near Field Communications World points out, Apple has applied for several NFC-related patents in the last view months, including some that describe mobile payment methods on an NFC-enabled iPhone, a Grab & Go patent, which makes it easier for customers to transfer files between their Appl devices and more.

Though none of the projects that Vigier is working on with Apple have been made public, it will be interesting to see what Apple is planning.

[via NFC World]

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