Apple Peel 520: It’s Real — And Real Quirky

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Last week, we told you of a Chinese gizmo that would supposedly turn your jailbroken iPod Touch into a working iPhone.  At the time, we took a wait-and-see attitude until we learned more about the device.

We just learned more.

Made In China Gadget has published a hands-on review of the unit (more specifically, the silicon-body prototype;  a hard-shell version is expected once it goes into production).  It's basically a case with an extra 800 mAh battery, a baseband chip, and a slot for your SIM card.  Drop in said SIM and your jailbroken iTouch, then install three apps (the iPhone voice calling and text messaging app and the "Yosion" and "YsSMS" apps) and start calling away.

Bottom line?  The hack works as advertised, with some operating quirks (e.g. you can't set up custom ringtones for incoming calls, you can't delete or forward a single SMS message, etc.).  But for a US street price in the $50-75.00 range, it might be fun to check out.