Apple Removes Rival Smartphone Death Grip Videos

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There are some changes to Apple's website. Apple has removed videos demonstrating rival smartphones' antenna attenuation problems. The iPhone maker's July 16th press conference showed us that no smartphone is perfect. In order to demonstrate that, Apple played videos of other smartphones being held in a manner that reduces signal strength.

None of the other smartphone manufacturers took kindly to these demonstrations, and some issued statements. Though Apple has not yet officially commented on why the videos were removed, some speculate that it could be anything from the negative feedback Apple received for the videos to threats of legal action by other smartphone makers.

Website TechCrunch points out that while the videos have been removed from the American and Asian Apple websites, the videos are still viewable on Apple's Canadian site. They are also still available on Apple's YouTube channel, but are buried away and harder to find.

 Who ever knew the antenna thing would become such a big deal?

[via TechCrunch]

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