Are Apple and Foxconn Planning for a Verizon iPhone?

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Computer World is reporting that Apple and Foxconn may already be working to build a Verizon iPhone. This news comes because it's said that Foxconn has opened a new temporary iPhone manufacturing facility in inland China. This as the company works to build a $100 million permanent iPhone plant nearby.

If the reports are accurate, then more than 500 workers are already working in the temporary building, as construction for the newer building begins later this month. A Xinhua report indicates that this plant will be built mainly for iPhones. Which raises some eyebrows. They are obviously expecting demand to rise enough to warrant building another factory.

Though this is all rumors and speculation at this point, it's interesting. Especially taking into account many longtime rumors that the iPhone would be headed to Verizon. There are also rumors that the factory could be working on prototypes for future iPhone models. Though that wouldn't be very surprising. Most companies are always working on prototype models as they improve their product line. Apple, who is known for what seems like yearly updates of their iPhone line, certainly wouldn't be the exception.

[via Computer World]

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