Are Some Areas Too Humid for the iPhone?

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Hong Kong may be too humid for the iPhone, according to some reports. The 95 percent humidity of Hong Kong is enough to void AppleCare because the phone's moisture indicator notes water damage.

One man in Hong Kong, and Apple fan by the name of Justin Hayward, found that after a trip to Indonesia his phone's charger did not work. Upon taking it to his carrier, Smartone-Vodafone, his warranty was voided because of the water damage.

Mr. Hayward insists that he has "never used it in the bath, gone swimming or anything like that." He kept his phone in a special bag during his trip to Indonesia as well, he said.

Hayward doesn't seem to be the only one exeperriencing these problems–forum posts on HardwareZone talk about Singapore-based carrier Singtel has also voided warranties though members claim their devices have never been submerged.

The phone's moisture indicator seems to show that the phones have been exposed to excessive moisture, as what may be found when a drink is spilled on the device. However, as many users  say, the phones have never been dropped in water, or had drinks spilled on them or anything of the sort.

However, it's reported that tests conducted by company 3M, who manufactures the moisture indicator, that when it's exposed to seven consistent days of a temperature of 55 degrees and a relative humidity of 95 percent, the indicator does change color to show moisture exposure. The same is the case for condensing steam.

Perhaps it's time for adjust the service warranty for iPhones in some areas?

[via South China Morning Post]

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