AT&T Launches Third Wifi Hotzone

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AT&T has announced the launch of their Chicago wifi hotzone. This one comes after their Wrigleyville (the area of restaurants and shots that surround Wrigley Field, were the Chicago Cubs play) hotspot. This new hotspot covers the streets and the outdoor areas to the south, east and west of the stadium, according to AT&Ts press release.

This is part of a test project in which AT&T wants to examine using wifi to help provide AT&T's coverage to places with high 3G traffic and data usage.

Dave Fine, VP and general manager of AT&T in Illinois, said, "We are excited to introduce an AT&T Wi-Fi hotzone in Wrigleyville, on the heels of successful hotzone launches in New York and Charlotte. These pilot AT&T Wi-Fi hotzones give us the opportunity to explore new ways to utilize our Wi-Fi and 3G networks to deliver the best possible experience for our customers,‚Äù

If this means a more reliable network in congested inner-city areas, the result could pay off for AT&T, as less users would be dissatisfied with their mobile service, thus keeping their phone. Though it's the first time we hear of this, the carrier has already been testing these waters in New York and North Carolina.

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