AT&T Loves the Cubs, Lets Viewers Watch From Any Angle

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AT&T and WGN-TV recently announced a new TV app that lets Chicago Cubs fans choose the angle they watch their game from when the team plays at Wrigley field.

The new app, Chicago Cubs Multiview, lets users view up to four different angles of a Cubs home game simultaneously. They are given a total of seven angles to choose from, one of which is the main WGN-TV Chicago broadcast.

President of content at AT&T Dan York, said, ‚ÄúOnly U-verse TV customers have the power to choose how they watch every pitch and home run at the Chicago Cubs home games…fans will get a full-field look at this season‚Äôs home game action from WGN. It‚Äôs like you‚Äôre sitting in the production booth and calling the shots. We‚Äôre excited to deliver this new capability with WGN, all enabled by our advanced TV service and technology,‚Äù York added.

AT&T has been doing a lot with the Wrigley Field area. Just recently we reported on their wifi hotzone that covers the entire area.

What's next? Ordering food at Wrigley Field with your iPhone? Though there is probably already an App for that.

[via AT&T]


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