BlackBerry Maker Working on its Own iPad Killer, But Best Buy Has it’s Own Plans

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Research in Motion (RIM) the maker of BlackBerry smartphones is working on a tablet that will be a direct rival to the iPad, reports Bloomberg.

Business Insider caught wind of the news and said that RIM's tablet, which will be called the "Blackpad" is "probably toast." Ouch.

The name may make sense, seeing as how RIM recently purchased the domain name, which was reported earlier this week. They say the device will be "introduced in November." Though no official word on whether that is simply an official product announcement or a release date.

It's also reported that the Blackpad is approximately the same size as Apple's device and will have the capability to use the a BlackBerry smartphone's internet connection, as in tethering.

Good luck, RIM, you will need it.

Update: It looks like RIM isn't the only one promising an iPad competitor. Retail giant Best Buy wants its chunk of the cash.

This one is said to be a picture from Robert Stephens, Best Buy's chief technology officer and the founder of their famous Geek Squad. The images show what looks to be a picture of a new tablet computer under Best Buy's Rocketfish brand.

Website Techspot reports that it runs on the Android OS, and originally began as an internal tool for employees.

This image described by iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, RIM, Blackpad, Best-buy-tablet

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[Best Buy Story via Techspot]

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