Bustin’ Out: JailbreakMe Code Released Into Wild, Panic Ensues

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You can't say the Dev-Team just sits on their butts, warming their hands on their own exhaust…

Earlier today, they responded to Apple's iOS bugfix — the one that was a response to the security flaw that enabled JailbreakMe, but left older iPhones and iTouches vulnerable — by announcing their OWN patch, one that would protect ALL phones, not just the newest, iOS 4-friendly models.

Now Dev-Team member @comex — who created JailbreakMe — has released the source for said exploit to the world.  The tech world proceeded to do their best Chicken Little/"the sky is falling!" impersonation, predicting digital chaos and catastrophe of Biblical proportions.

They're missing the point: Apple's attempts to maintain the secrecy of their OS means that flawed, exploitable code is being released — and the hackers, crackers, jailbreakers, and unlockers out there (both white- and black-hat) are more than willing to discover and take advantage of said code flaws.

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