ClearWire’s iSpot Hopes the ‘i’ Will Win Over Apple Users

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Mobile wifi hotspots are the hotness right now, and Clearwire is trying to cater to Apple fans by introducing the iSpot. 

Mobile hotspots are portable devices that use a cellular network signal to create a wifi hotspot on the go. It's used a lot by reporters doing live blogs or reporting at events that don't provide in-house wifi. In fact, they may be a bit too popular right now, because they gave Jobs some iPhone 4 troubles during the device's official announcement.

Quick Notes:

– 4G personal hotspot

– 150 foot range

– 4 hour battery life

– Unlimited data plan at $25 a month

– Only works with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

– Device can be unlocked for other devices and a service plan decided from there

[via Clearwire

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