Commercial Prone: iPad Ads Get Better Results Than iPhone Ads

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Apparently, when it comes to mobile-device advertising, size matters.

That's the conclusion of mobile ad network Mobclix.  According to their July 2010 statistics, iPad apps with embedded ad code have an ECPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) rating five times higher than that of the iPhone.  And that's with only about 4 million iPads out there — far fewer than the total number of iPhones.  Not only that, but Mobclix found that iPad ads with videos are 10.7 times more likely to get a user response than standard-format ads.

This is good news for the news/periodical companies banking on iPad apps to shore up their struggling print divisions, as well as programmers (both corporate and kitchen-table) thinking about sticking ad code in their apps.  The message here is: write more iPad programs with ad code, and you'll all earn more money.