Droid 2 May Leave Consumers a Bit Overwhelmed

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Best Buy also ran a comparison chart of the Droid 2, with some other Android phones, and we at iSmashPhone are left wondering how the casual smartphone user is supposed to make sense of what's available. We have five phones in the chart, four are named Droid, Froyo, 2.1…the list goes on, as seen above.

Many phones are available for the Droid OS, but Motorola alone has three phones in the chart. It makes us wonder if sometimes having too many options can push a consumer to just buy the brand they hear about on TV without looking at that list of 26 different specs with five different choices–that's over 130 little boxes to look at on the above chart as people try to figure out which phone works for them. Of course different users have different needs, but still, casual users may not always understand all these specs.


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