(En)Grave Yard Shift: Etching Some Elegance Into Your iPhone

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The father and son team of Villu and Viljo Marrandi are Estonia-based engravers who practice their intricate, filigreed art on everything from their own custom-made knives to Zippo lighters.

Then one day, Marrandi Senior looked around and said "Hey!  How come there aren't any engraved iPhone cases?"  So he (literally) took the matter into his own hands.

It wasn't easy.  Testing his technique on the 3 mm-wide bottom bevel of an iPhone case, Marrandi discovered the case's stainless steel construction ate graver tips like M&M's.  But after 8 hours of work (including two hours just for resharpening his tools), Marrandi produced the elegant results seen above.  More importantly, as he himself observed, "Finally I have something to show when trying to explain what kind of engraving I actually do."

So the next time you want to cover your iPhone with a case, or even a decal — ask the Marrandis (or your local engraver)  to turn it into a piece of Art Deco technology instead.

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