Fancy iPod Dock is Shiny

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Photographing shiny black things in a clean white room is the secret to making them fancy


File this under "things we will probably never be able to afford." Then again, you can put anything in a clean white room with a black chair you might find at Ikea, and it looks very pricey.

This is the Wireless Streaming Music Centre (even the name is creative) from Bluelarix Designworks. This slanted desktop-looking thing holds your "floating" iPod in an elegant design. 

According to website Yanko Design, who translated the text of the official product page, this iPod Dock streams music, connects your device to your computer and can daisy chain with other Wireless Streaming Music Centres (We love saying the name) for those who want to expand their system.

Kepp in mind it's a concept product.

[via Yanko Design

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