Flash on the iPhone and iPad May Be Coming Soon, Thanks to SkyFire

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SkyFire Labs, the developers of the mobile browser SkyFire are planning to submit their browser to Apple early next week, according to a report from MobileCrunch.

The browser has been compatible with Flash for quite a while now on various mobile OSes. Hopefully, they can implement Flash support if they release a version for iOS. They started developing the App when it was announced that the Opera browser had been given the OK by Apple, which many thought wouldn't happen since if competes directly with Mobile Safari.

MobileCrunch says that they can't confirm anything yet, but the information comes from some trusted sources. Nothing has been made official by SkyFire, but it's likely that if things go as planned, we will hear the announcement of the App Store submission just after the weekend.

[via MobileCrunch]

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