Fools Rush In: Why You Should Hold Off On Using

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Over the last few days, we've been telling all and sundry that — since the Library of Congress decided jailbreaking of phones is okay — you should dash out, fire up, download ultrasn0w, and basically turn your iPhone's OS into scrambled eggs.

Ease up a sec, Hoss.

If you've never jailbroken your phone in any way, shape, or form, it would behoove you to sit tight for a couple of days.  Reason?  We here at, along with others, have been having problems with JailbreakMe, to the point where we've had to restore our phones to their un-JB'd status.  So unless you have the patience to break/restore/lather-rinse-repeat, hold off on taking a digital machete to your shiny (expensive!) little toy.