Foxconn Hiring 400,000 Additional Workers Over the Next Year

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Foxconn, a company that's recently been under fire for multiple employee suicides has announced plans to hire up to 400,000 workers over the next year. The company currently employs 800,000.

To put this into some sort of perspective, that's 400,000, just 100,000 short of half a million. This is all in hopes of increasing it's overall workforce to 1.2 to 1.3 million employees. It's also reported that revenue increased for the company as much as 50 percent the first half of the year.

They also plan on building factories closer to employee's homes, while reducing the size of the Shenzhen facility. Meanwhile, the Shenzhen location will begin to increase focus on R&D and product testing.

It's also been reported that Foxconn is holding a "massive rally" for its employees in hopes of boosting morale. 

Currently, it's not known how many of these will be brought aboard to produce Apple's products, which are in very high demand.

[via TechCrunch]

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