FutureTap and Apple Resolve The Non-issues Regarding Patent Filing

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Recently, there was a bit of concern over an Apple patent filing for a first-party travel App that featured a drawing with a user interface that looked almost identical to an existing patent for a travel App named Where To? by FutureTap.

Some seemed to think that Apple may be infringing on developer FutureTap's patent. However, as it's been pointed out by website Engadget, "the only operative parts of a patent are the claims," not the drawings or description.

The bottom line, as the developer puts it is this:

So the use of the Where To? screenshot is not an offense in any way but merely an illustration that apps such as Where To? could make use of the invention. We feel honored over this mention and appreciate that Apple is looking into a proper attribution of the screenshot. In retrospective, I can say we wouldn‘t ever have considered the story alarming had the screenshot included a short attribution notice.

In other words, move along, folks, nothing to see here.

[via FutureTap]

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