Google New Ad Format to Make In-App Advertising Easier for AdSense Users

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Google recently announced that they are releasing a new feature for iPad developers using AdSense. The newly announced feature will allow the developers to display relevant ads directly within their App.

The new iOS SDK allows for the ads to be displayed in three of the most common formats used online, according to Google. Of course ads allow developers to create free apps by giving them a stream of revenue without having to charge users for the App itself.

Though we have heard that iAd eCPM's can be great for some developers (one developer reported $1,372 on the first day of iAds) it's great to see options available. What works for some may not necessarily work for others, as we've seen some turn out much lower ($1.70). Still, the more options developers have, the better it can be for both developers and users.

[via Google Mobile Ads Blog]

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