Governments Going iPhone, BlackBerry No Longer their Top Choice

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The BlackBerry has long been a popular phone for those involved in government, but that may not be the case for long. Security concerns because governments can't monitor BlackBerry traffic are the main reason. Unlike many smartphone makers (such as Apple and Nokia), Research In Motion (RIM) has control of its own networks, says the report. The European Union (EU) Commission recently rejected the popular smartphone, according to a spokesperson who talked to Reuters.

The EU review certain smartphone criteria before they choose one that their employees will be issued. The look into things such as cost and security. Yet this time, RIM's longtime favorite wasn't chosen. The EU's executive arm, which has more than 32 thousand employees, will be switching to the iPhone. And they aren't the only ones.

According to Reuter's, several other governments such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, India and Kuwait have said that they may drop BlackBerry. 

Others who are letting go of BlackBerry are British bank Standard Chartered, who has now given their employees the option between BlackBerry and iPhone as well as top French government ministers who have also left the BlackBerry behind. It's said that French President Nicolas Sarkozy was also informed to stop using his BlackBerry because of security concerns.

[via Reuters]

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