Holiday Rush: Is Verizon Gearing Up For iPhone 4 Debut?

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Stories about "Verizon's getting the iPhone Real Soon Now!" have become as prevalent — and as hard to verify — as sightings of Bigfoot, Nessie, and Elvis combined.

So here's this week's…

IntoMobile has it on good authority that the V's (no, not the TV alien lizards — them what works for Verizon) is about to go on a hiring binge for store staff.  The reason?  To handle January 2011 sales volume for some "major product launch" around Xmastime 2010.

The assumption? That long-awaited CDMA flavor of the "Mighty i."  Which actually ties into our news from a few weeks back that Pegatron Industries is building just such a critter with a Q4 delivery date.

With the AT&T and Verizon debuts of the Palm Pre being greeted with a rousing chorus of "meh" — not to mention the promised cross-platform release of the Google Nexus being derailed by newer, better Android handsets like the Droid X — an iPhone breaking out of the Death Star's grip remains the only tech pipe dream people seem to give a damn about.

But again: we'll believe it when we see it.

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