How Will iTV Look and Work? What We Know So Far

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The long-rumored iTV may be coming sooner than we think. While we can't confirm anything at this point, we can put together all the small bits of information that we've heard and hope to piece something together that somewhat makes sense. The information we've been able to gather doesn't come from any one source, so let's put it in a form that's easier to read from.

Below is what we've gathered so far:

– Apple TV will be rebranded as iTV.

– Will look like an iPod Touch with no screen

– Will run on iOS4

– Equipped with Apple's A4 chip

– Will only have 16GB of internal flash storage

– Playback at 720p (Originally rumored to playback at 1080p)

– Stream movies rather than store them

– Will launch alongside a new Apple streaming movie service

– Will have the ability to run Apps 

– Launches sometime this fall, possibly as soon as September.

– Will be priced competitively at $99

– Two ports: video/audio out and a port for power supply.

– Cloud-based storage

– Option to use Time Capsule for local storage

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