iFixit’s Latest Teardown Takes a Closer Look at the Dell Streak

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The folks over at iFixit got their hands on the Dell Streak, and they've taken it apart. They have also started something new with their teardowns, in which they rate how easy the device is to take apart (for repair) on a scale of 1-10 the Streak earned an 8. Which is favorable, because it means it was relatively easy for them to open the device and investigate its insides.

Some of the interesting features they found through this teardown ads that the LCD is bonded to the front panel glass. They say that this increases strength for the device as well as touch sensitivity. They point out that the LCD is very hard to remove: 

"Sadly the Streak's LCD is permanently adhered to the front panel glass. However, that LCD/glass subassembly is held in the front panel with some very strong adhesive, and could be removed with enough careful prying."

They also found that the 1530 mAh battery is easy to replace. The device also has a second 2 gig microSD card near the top of the motherboard. However, this one is used for the system applications and files only. They add that this one was intended to be removed. 

iFixit also says that the internal components are all attached to the device's motherboard:

   Big players on the motherboard include: 

 * Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon processor

 * Analog Devices ADV7520 Low Power HDMI‚Ñ¢/DVI Transmitter

 * Hynix H8BES0UU0MCR NAND-based MCP

 * Qualcomm MXU6219 RF transceiver

 * Qualcomm PM7540 power management chip

 * TriQuint Semiconductor TQS 7M5012 Power Amp (Quad-band GSM)

 * Texas Instruments TPS 65023 integrated Power Management IC

[via iFixit]

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