iPad Review: MoviePeg

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The original MoviePeg was designed for the iPhone and wass a cute, simple plastic chunk, with a notch on one edge for inserting your iPhone. 

It was an iPhone kickstand, perfect for propping up the magical iDevice phone for movie-watching or just dispaly.

The new MoviePeg for iPad is more of a mixed bag; for typing in landscape on a flat surface it works wonderfully. Try to use it in portrait mode or on your lap and it is almost useless.

Granted it has harder job in the iPad. The Apple tablet is bigger and heavier than the iPHone. The MoviePeg also has to work in four different orientations; upright and laid-back in both landscape and portrait orientation. 

It works great on a flat surface, leaning back in landscape mode. Switch it around to protrait and it gets a little wobbly, and placing it on yor lap just does't seem to work.

It is definitely a great display for the iPad, and for watching movies on. If it's on a table in front of you.

It does have a lego like peg, male dongle on one piece, female depression on the other. 

Also because of the compound curve of the iPad’s back, the MoviePeg's slots only match the shape when in just the right spot. They will work if you place them near the corners, but the fit isn't snug Рat all.

Overall, it's cute, neat little piece, more suited to display than function.

MoviePeg $19.95, it comes in black or limited edition Clockwork Orange. HERE

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