iPhone Review: Flash (Frash) – Flash on iDevices

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Frash, the iPhone Flash work around we reported and gave a How to on HERE, is a mixed bag best.

The process dropped several days ago, brought to us by the always helpful Comex,

Based on our own experience it is most good for watching flash ads, which is great news for Adobe. However when it comes to games and videos, it is buggy, at best

We were really excited when this came out, if only because we hoped it would silence the chorus of nerds bitching about there being no flash on teh iPhone/iPAd. That gets really old, folks.

After using Frash for the past three days, and overall we are impressed, with the appropriate caveat. 

Yes, Frash crashes a lot. It is seemingly incapable of doing the two main things that you even want Flash on an iOS device for, videos and games. Keep in mind, this is an alpa release; this is the start.

However, for the simple things like loading a Flash-only splash screen to click through to an HTML site, it works.

The bottom line? Frash definitely has a future.

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